About us

About us

RBT Brasil was founded in December 2010, a company dedicated to the shoe leather industry, consisting of a partnership with 3 companies from abroad, which ensured all the technological background to operate within a very demanding and restricted market.

RBT was born from the idea of two Brazilian partners who lived abroad and maintained a broad trade channel between Brazil and other countries. Combining this know-how with an experience of nearly 20 years of contacts abroad, it was decided to open a company in Brazil, which would meet a technical chemical demand, where, in addition to selling our products, it provides a global quality technical service to improve articles. specific.

From the moment RBT started to produce its own products locally, all this experience turned into business, forming RBT CHEMICAL.


RBT BRASIL’s main mission is to manufacture excellent products that act as a differential for the production of leather articles and performances required in the market, increasing the quality and comfort of the materials produced to the final consumer.


We know that due to our high-quality standards, we seek to meet the needs of our customers, always looking for further and better, always looking for cost-effectiveness, adapting to market fluctuations, in order to better meet existing demands.


RBT BRASIL is committed to providing its customers with the very best on the market in terms of quality and process, without disrespecting the environment. We have an environmental commitment to protect our ecosystem, using eco-sustainable products, as well as seeking new technologies that help subsequent chains to continue sustainability in the leather and related industries.